With your help, we’re building a movement powered by supporters and their stories from all 50 states and every congressional district to highlight our broken immigration system and push for reform, beginning with a solution for Dreamers now.  


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The urgency of our fight for Dreamers has never been greater. As congressional leaders continue hashing out a post-shutdown plan, hundreds of thousands of hardworking young people face deep uncertainty. More than a hundred are losing their protection every day.

Can you help keep the pressure on Congress? Click the button below to find your state and then call your Members of Congress and urge them to stand up for Dreamers.

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Leaders from business, faith, tech, agriculture, media and entertainment, and other sectors are joining the iMarch.

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Ready to bring the iMarch to your city or neighborhood? We’ve prepared a comprehensive toolkit to help you organize your own iMarch event. The toolkit includes sample tweets, blog posts, shareable graphics, and other resources to help you prepare for a successful day of action.

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